Alvar Bay

A few days prior to departure and with luck on our side, we made reservations to stay at a privately owned campground in Alvar Bay Nature Preserve. As the summer months and warm weather roll into the Peninsula , so do all of the nature-lovers, so making reservations well in advance is suggested if you […]

Hendrie Valley Trails

Thanks to a tip from a family of Journeys Ontario fans, we were led to this amazing hiking trail in Burlington. The Royal Botanical Gardens supports a number of conservation projects in the greater Hamilton area (and beyond), including this 247 acre spread of forest and wetland. As a matter of fact, about 90% of […]

Learning to Scuba Dive

As a child, there was a time when I was obsessed with Jacques Cousteau. There were no wall-sized posters or fan mail, but I had just about every book about underwater exploration and marine biology checked out of the library throughout my childhood. My dad happily shared in my marine obsession and we spent many […]

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