How To Find the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

Summer is time for children to explore and play. Sometimes, the best place for a child to explore and play is at an overnight summer camp. But, how do you pick the right camp for your child? Here are some tips to help you find the right camp for you and your child.

1. Do Your Research
You wouldn’t send your young child out for a sleepover without meeting the parents, right? So you’re definitely not going to send your child away for weeks at a time without meeting the staff and seeing the camp. After you have examined the facility, ask about the food served and what they do to ensure that they house children who are healthy & safety is a top concern .
It’s also important to read reviews and see what other people have to say. Talk to other parents you know to see if there are any summer camps that they would recommend (or NOT recommend).

2. Include Friends
This is especially important if your child has never been away for an extended time before. Many children can get upset or lonely without parents around. If you can coordinate the summer camp experience with an friend, the entire experience can go more smoothly.

3. Choose the Right Length of Time
Camps are different lengths of time. Some may be for a week, two weeks, a month, six weeks, or two months. You will choose the amount of time your child will be away by asking yourself a lot of questions:
How long has your child been away before?
Are there any other plans for the summer?
Is there a way to bring the child home early?
How often and how can you communicate with your child?

4. Pick a Type of Camp
There are many camps available. Many of them have a specific focus. Maybe your child would enjoy space camp, cheerleader camp, band camp, nature camp, or art camp. There is also a more general camp experience that might suit your child’s needs. Talk to them about different options that you have approved. Show them brochures and discuss the activities that each camp provides. Picking a specialized camp can help nurture your child’s interests while allowing them to meet people who share similar hobbies.

5. How Far Away Is Your Child?
Some people are comfortable with their child being across the country. Other people need their child close at most times. Determine how your child feels about the distance, and determine how you feel about the distance.

Summer camp could be a great place for your child to develop new skills and new friends. It’s also a way to make summer extra special. Follow these guidelines, and your child is sure to have a good time.