10 Ways to Find a Furnished Apartment

Finding affordable furnished apartments in most areas of the country is getting to be a difficult task. This is especially true in major metropolitan areas like Toronto and Vancouver where housing and rental prices have soared. It is particularly difficult to find a furnished apartment that is convenient to downtown work, shopping and public transit. Here are a few ways that might help your search for a furnished apartment.

1. Check with friends

The best way to find a furnished apartment by getting a recommendation from friends or a family member. They might tell you about an ideal vacancy before anyone else.

2. Search online

After the personal connection, an online one is your next best friend to find the right furnished apartment for you. There are dozens of online tools that can help.

3. RentersPages.com

RentersPages.com is an apartment rental site that has local offerings all over Canada. It offers renters and property owners a comprehensive listing for local markets including furnished apartments.

4. Rentseeker.ca

Rentseeker.ca is another popular apartment rental site that pairs apartment building owners and tenants. There is little risk to renters and the possible reward of finding that dream furnished apartment.

5. Check the newspaper ads

All the newspapers have real estate and rental listings during the week. Check out their extensive listings in the Saturday newspaper edition. You might find what you need.

6. Don’t forget community papers

Every community and neighbourhood has their own community newspaper for supermarket flyers that also carry real estate and rental listings. You can also find rental listings for apartments in the Metro publications.

7. Do a walking tour

Take a walk around the neighbourhoods where you’d like to live. Maybe you’ll see a vacant sign in a private home or small building. If you do, go up and knock on the door. You may get lucky.

8. Get a rental agent

A real estate agent could also be a great help in finding a furnished apartment. There’s no upfront fees and they work within your budget to find the right furnished apartment for you.

9. Plan your viewing schedule

Get out early on Saturday morning if you want to see the best furnished apartments. By noon, they could be already rented.

10. Start early in the month

Start your rental search for next month as early as possible in the month. Landlords like to have their apartments rented before the old client moves us. They’ll be happy to see you and maybe they have the perfect furnished apartment for you. The Premiere Suites website has more online resources and references available.