Borers Falls

Just the Facts about hiking at Borers Falls:

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Borers Falls Hiking trails16 KM
Borers Falls distance to Toronto80 KM / 1.1 Hour

Special: Also known as Rock Chapel Falls, Borers falls is a Ribbon type waterfall in Hamilton.

You may have heard about people who chase tornadoes?  Perhaps you’ve seen the movie “Twister” where Helen Hunt jumps on the expedition to track down twisters?  Well, that is kind of how I felt one Saturday afternoon, Rob and I armed with our “tracking equipment” (aka. Maps and GPS), off in search of waterfalls.  The really neat think about hiking along paths, across bridges or bush is that you never totally sure whether the next turn might reveal the water fall you’re searching for.

Borers Falls from the side Borers Falls Upper

We decided that we would try to visit Borer’s, Webster’s and Tews falls in one afternoon. Rob was on a mission to practice his waterfall photography and well, I was just on a mission to enjoy some quiet time sitting beside them.  So, off we went on our own little expedition from Mississauga clear through Hamilton !

There is a tiny parking lot at the Rock Chapel Sanctuary and then it’s a bit of a hike along a Bruce trail side trail and down under a bridge to view the falls.  When you see how small (yet still beautiful) the waterfall is, you’ll be

The top of Borers Falls is pretty spectacular! Just stay well back
surprised to find out that at one point (before mass construction/development took over) the waterfall powered a local sawmill! After spending some time by the falls, you can continue trail as it heads up the escarpment.

As we were on a mission to “track” our next waterfall, we took the lazy way out and drove to our next set of falls.  Though, if you have some time and are looking for a great hike, you can hike from waterfall to waterfall (Borer’s to Webster’s to Tews—a good 5 hour or so hike!)

Borers Falls Turkey Vulture 1 Borers Falls Turkey Vulture 2
The ride on the way to Borers falls is a great place to see some Turkey Vultures
Why not try Geocaching at Borers Falls?

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