Fathom Five Marine Park

Just the Facts about hiking at Fathom Five Marine Park:

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Fathom Five Distance to Toronto300 KM / 5 Hours
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Extending from Tobermory's Bruce Peninsula shores and out into Georgian Bay, Fathom Five is Canada's first national marine park.  Within the parks 130 square kilometres of cool and brilliantly clear water, some points 200 metres deep, lie 21 accessible shipwrecks. Amidst the 20 islands of Fathom Five, these ships provide a historical perspective of trading in the Great Lake regions in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Wrecks are carefully supervised by park staff in order to ensure the safety of the many visiting scuba divers that explore these cultural artifacts.
The islands of Fathom Five are home to red squirrels, garter snakes, sugar maple trees, 43 species of orchids and a variety of birch trees and mosses.  The most famous of these islands is Flowerpot Island. (and where the hiking is!)