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Just the Facts about hiking at Rockwood Conservation Area:

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Rockwood Conservation distance to Toronto80 KM / 1 Hour

Rockwood Conservation Island
Wickedly off first impressions. I must admit that the first time we went to Rockwood, we were less than impressed. They were closed for the winter and had a huge no trespassing sign. We poked around a little bit but since we were having no luck finding anything interesting, we decided it would be better to go somewhere else. That being said, we had the most amazing time this weekend in Rockwood. Neither one of us wanted to leave. We both vowed to come back as soon as we can to finish exploring all there is to do here.

When we first arrived, I was sure the park would be overly done up with crazy amenities and pseudo outdoorsy stuff. Looking out at the grand Pavillion (see pic to the right) as we drove into Rockwood (the village), we braced ourselves for camping easy-street. Of course, as you already know... our first impressions were so very wrong.

What a great view from the top of the cliff. This picture was taken from on top of the cliff in the picture below.
Rockwood Conservation Cliffs
We generally like to visit untouched areas, and once you get past the beach area, you're in hiking paradise. Two main trails take you through densely wooded forest, past gorges, up and down hills and cliffs, and along the river. For the more daring, there's an extensive cave network, complete with stalactites and columns (we're heading there next visit). Rockwood Conservation Snack shack
Hiking is just the start of what you can do at Rockwood. There are canoe rentals for $10.00 (plus a $75 deposit) at the main beach. This is another activity on our list for next time since we're preparing for a portage trip later on this summer in Algonquin. Canoeing at Rockwood seemed like a very popular activity and many families were cruising the lake and the Eramosa river as we looked on in admiration of their unique perspective of the cliffs that line the shores. There's also swimming, picknicking, mini-golf (near the main entrance) and camping to enjoy at Rockwood. While you're there, don't forget to visit the old mill ruins! (see picture below)
Rockwood Conservation Baby Geese On our walk around the lake, we spotted these Geese with their babies. They were pretty focused on dinner, and ignored us (well, all but one very protective guy). He kept giving me a little attitude now and then... probably just showing off for the girl geese.

When I sat still and didn't move, they just did their thing, and let me do mine. After, we started wondering if there was some kind of law against getting too close to them. Please don't harass these little guys!
Rockwood Conservation Blue headed Bird
Rockwood Conservation Island Cliff
I'm thinking this is an American Crow... Any Confimation?
It had the coolest blue head!
This cliff as actually a tiny little island in the middle of the lake (I took this picture from right beside the baby birds)
Rockwood Conservation Old Mill
For more information about Rockwood and its unique natural and human history:

Rockwood Conservation Area --www.grandriver.ca/Parks/Rockwood.cfm

Rockwood's Informational Brochure--http://www.grandriver.ca/parks/rockwood_tab_2007.pdf

Having spent all our time hiking around the lake, we didn't even get to explore one of the main attractions of the hiking area! These are the ruins of the old mill.
Why not try Geocaching at Rockwood?

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