Newest Hikes
New Hike: Island Lake Conservation Area

There are a few trails to choose from if you’re looking for a good hike in the woods or alongside the lake.  The Vicki Baron Trail follows the lakeshore, taking you past a wee little beach area, through forest and then into fields filled with flowers.  Where there are this many flowers, there is bound to be bumble bees!  I don’t believe that I have seen so many bees in one field since I was a

little kid (let’s face it, when you’re a kid, you’re a little closer to the ground and perhaps a little more concerned with the fact that your hands and legs are in the bumble bees’ field of vision).
New Hike: Glen Haffy Conservation Area

We arrived at Glen Haffy later on in the afternoon (closer to 4 p.m. ) which is apparently a calmer time of day to visit this park.  The attendant on duty at the gate left not five minutes after we got there and there was just one other car in the hiking parking lot.  Of course, there was about a dozen cars and plenty of people fishing around the well-stocked lake. 

As it is still early season, considering that many conservation areas only open in late April or early May,

we were surprised but not overly shocked by the fact that there was a small but powerful sign on the trailhead that said that the trails were closed
New Hike: Shade's Mills Conservation Area

Even though we pulled in about three hours before closing time on its first weekend, we were still pretty surprised to see no other car in the parking lot and only one other person (and their dog)

along the trails.  We’re thinking that this probably isn’t the norm during the warmer, sunnier and less wet months of July and August.  We followed the Toyota Trail along the river and across the footbridge to the other side of the conservation area.
New Hike: Dumfries Conservation Area

On our way home from my parents’ house, we got off the 401 to satisfy a coffee craving and ended up hiking our way through Dumfries Conservation Area.  Rob had passed by this park many times but had never had a chance to stop and enjoy a stroll on through.

Right in the middle of Cambridge , Dumfries was originally a piece of land that was donated to the Queen but to be maintained for the benefit of the local public. The Grand River Conservation assumed responsibility

for the land about 30 years ago with permission for the donator, Mr. P.R. Hilborn.
NEW Hike: Valens Conservation Area

By a traffic-induced twist of fate, we came to visit Valens Conservation Area .  Originally on our way (once again) to the Oak Ridges Moraine area, we were horrified by the already gruesome

Valens Conservation Area Dead Forest
traffic heading eastbound across the city… despiteit being only 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  So, we made a snap decision to head back home for a super-quick surf on the net for a new location.  Voila—Valens Conservation Area!  South of the city of Guelph , about 80 kilometres from Toronto , we found a veritable winter playground.
NEW Hike: Long Sault

After taking a look at all of the hikes that we've done over the past year, we realized that we've been neglecting many great opportunities to the east of the city.  Yes, we confess that we live on the western edge of

Long Sault Martin
a city and just naturally tend to drift even more to the west when heading out for a nice afternoon outdoors.  So, on Ontario ’s first official Family Day, we decided to check out the famous Oak Ridges Moraine in Oshawa .
NEW Hike: Cootes Paradise

With fresh, perfect snowball-making-snow on the ground, we decided to try a hike that is very winter-friendly:  Cootes Paradise.  The area, owned and operated by the Royal Botanical Gardens, is also a Fish and Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project—in fact, the largest restoration project of its kind in North America . From human overuse and the introduction of carp, this once lush marsh went into ecological decline.  Thanks to the efforts of many volunteers and the RBG, the area is in a state of regeneration.

Cootes Paradise white snow goose
New Hike: Kortright Centre
Kortright Centre Lake Panorama
what you do, or what kind of relationship you have with the great outdoors, there is an intrisic curiousity in all of us when it comes to the giant canyon in Arizona. 
NEW Hike: Hendrie valley Trail

Thanks to a tip from a family of Journeys Ontario fans, we were led to this amazing hiking trail in Burlington. The Royal Botanical Gardens supports a

Hendrie Valley Trail Cardinal
number of conservation projects in the greater Hamilton area (and beyond), including this 247 acre spread of forest and wetland. As a matter of fact, about 90% of the RBG’s property is nature sanctuary. There are four major sanctuaries under their care: Hendrie Valley, Cootes Paradise, Rock Chapel and Berry Tract).