Photography Tips / Locations

Being a photographer by trade, and a hiker by choice, I get to see lot's of great places in Ontario. I also get to try a lot of cool photographic techniques, and try to incorporte them into my daily workflow. We though we might put some of this stuff down in our website, and see if we can spark any interest out there.

NEW Photographic Location: Shooting Moose

I know, I know... big surprise that Algonquin Park is a good place to shoot nature BUT did you know if you go at the beginning of May you are almost guarenteed to get some great shots of moose?

All winter long we salt the heck out of our roads, and when the spring rains come it washes all this salt into the ditches and wetlands. Moose LOVE this salty water and come out in the early morning and late afternoon to have a good munch.
NEW Photography Technique: Majestic Waterfalls

Have you ever see a photo of a waterfall where everything looks sharp except the water, which looks blurred and flowing? This is an easy trick that looks great (so much so that you almost see it too much!)

Limehouse flowing blurry water
New Photography: Removing an Underwater Color Cast

We were in Chicago a little while ago, and decided to hit the aquarium. When we arrived home and I got a chance to look at some of our pictures, I was disappointed at how green all the pictures looked. They had all taken on a strong green hue from the water.

Chicago Shedd Aquarium Manta Ray
New Photography Technique: Panoramas
Panorama of Ice Hotel Quebec
Have you ever tried to take a picture of a majestic landscape, only to be disappointed by the result? One of the problems with trying to capture such a landscape is the field of view. Depending on your lens size, you are only able to capture a portion of the whole. This causes it to lose some of it's impact.
New Photography: How to shoot Fireworks

When Sean and myself were in Wasaga Beach for Canada day, we decided to take a short side trip to Barrie for the fireworks. I couldn't believe the amount of people popping off flashes left right and center. It got me to thinking... this might be a good time for a short tutorial on shooting Fireworks!

Fireworks - Fiery red.