Morrison's Quarry

Type: Quarry Location:HW 105. South of Wakefield, Quebec Depth: 139'
2 Thermoclines A plane at 35', Tugboat at 60' a mini submarine and 2 cars

Hailed as a local favourite by area divers, Morrison's Quarry is just outside of Wakefield, Quebec and open only during the summer months (roughly from June through to September). It'll cost you about $10 and you'll need to have your PADI diver ID number ready too (since you'll have to sign a liability register). This is a mixed depth dive so be sure to observe your certified depth! No matter how hot is gets during the summer months, be sure to bring your wetsuit along because it's consistently chilly at the bottom of Morrison's due to its 2 thermoclines. Of course, if cold is your thing, you can make reservations to do some ice diving! Check out some pictures of a couple of brave divers at Morrison's

The quarry's shallow end is about 20 feet deep and it hits its deepest point at about 120 feet. An old quarry road circles around the edge, acting a bit like a path through an underwater museum. Submerged along an underwater roadway you'll find two cars (both driven over the edge during a movie shoot), a picnic table, a tug boat, a twin engine plane, and a model of white shark (used for a commercial), all of which are marked with buoys.

Morrison's Quarry is also a very popular campground that offers the occasional concert and bungee jumping . All in all, it's a pretty fun place whether you're in or out of a wetsuit!

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