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New Travel Log: #10 Winter Camping in Algonquin Park

Our last winter camping experience in Algonquin was in a yurt—comfy, warm and dry. As promised to ourselves, we planned out yet another winter camping trip but this time we opted for trying out our tent with what we hoped would be the same results—comfy, warm and dry. 

Winter Camping in Algonquin Park Road
NEW Travel Log: Road Trip to Thunder Bay

Rob and I embraced winter this year by hopping in our car and (eventually) onto the Trans-Canada highway… in December.  After some careful weather trackingand spying on road conditionsonline, we decided that the elements weren’t strong enough to keep us in the city for New Year’s Eve…we were heading for Thunder Bay !

North Bay
NEW Travel Log: Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County has received a lot of media coverage lately—and with good reason!  This peninsula is making waves with its abundance of wineries and delectable culinary offerings.  Not only is this area of Ontario full of tummy and tongue pleasing opportunities, it’s a beautiful place to visit.

Prince Edward County grape vines
Flowerpot Island Flowerpot
Travel Log 3-Bruce National Park


Scuba divers across Canada , whether they’ve been there or not, seem to be very excited about the Bruce Peninsula , especially when you mention Fathom Five.  This is a very unique National Park because it is underwater! 

Between shipwrecks and natural underwater rock formations, there is a lot to see from either above or below the water’s surface..

Algonquin Park Valley

We must have traveled up and down the stretch of highway 60 that cuts across Algonquin Park at least twenty times during our short stay- but without fail, no two times were ever alike! From wildlife to landscapes morphing throughout the night, the highway seems alive and ever-changing.

Ice Hotel shooter glass

Here it is, the Ice Hotel in Quebec. It was amazing. Everything really is made of ice, the hotel, the counters, even the glasses!