About Us


Hello and thanks for visiting our site! Just in case you think we are a couple with the bodies of Greek gods, stomping across the countryside all day, we thought that we should give you a little insight as to who we are. Nancy is a grade school teacher and Rob runs a video/photo production company. We are just normal people who have decided to start getting out there to try new things!

Like most people, we both have a hard time finding enough hours in the day to get to everything we’d like to—not to mention physical activity! Yet, more and more, we are finding ourselves putting a high priority on “getting out there.” We’re taking the baby steps approach to getting fit and fulfilled—one experience at a time. Once you’ve taken that first step, a slight addiction to new things starts to set in and we catch ourselves picking up the Travel section, scanning the web and listening to other people’s travel tales in search of our next journey!

This site is for us to share our journey towards learning about and enjoying all that Ontario (and beyond) has to offer with you. During our camping and hiking trips, we’ve met a lot of people—kindred spirits—who are on similar quests. We just want to get out of the house and do something fun!

We know all too well that it’s sometimes hard to get that initial motivation going—especially if you don’t have anyone that shares your desire to try new things! We love sharing our stories and are also offering people the chance to come out with us. We organize group outings where we’ll meet up at a predetermined location and we set out from there. Also, we have a monthly newsletter which contains a calendar and some ideas for things to do in any given month. Why not send us an e-mail, sharing your own travel adventures, ideas or tips with us—we’d love to hear from you!

Happy trails,

Rob and Nancy

PS–There is nothing super extreme about the stuff we will be doing on the website (for the forseeable future anyways). If anything is super difficult, we’ll let you know. Other than that, feel free to dive in!