Ontario has lot’s of great camping locations. You can camp at almost any one of the parks listed under out hiking page, so we won’t bother to list them individually. Instead, here is a list of the special places we have had the privilege to visit.


New Camping Location: Awenda

About two and a half hours north of Toronto , you’ll find a very special place— AwendaProvincial Park .  Though I had never heard of Awenda, it seems that others certainly had because most of the park’s sites were occupied during our visit… THIS CAMPING LOCATION IS LISTED UNDER THE HIKING SECTION. (So we don’t have repeats in hiking and Camping)

The yurt wasn’t exactly what I though it was going to be like, but overall the trip was pretty amazing!! I know we both had a great time, got to see lots of wildlife, and did some amazing hiking. I don’t know if we will do it next year, but sometime again in the future.

Alvar Bay was one of the best camping experiences we have had. The location was a little desolate on the ‘beach’ but it had it’s own beauty. Sitting under the starts, having a glass of wine, and chatting has to be one of my best memories of the summer. There was also a whole bunch of stuff to do around it!