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10 Ways to Find a Furnished Apartment

Finding affordable furnished apartments Toronto in most areas of the country is getting to be a difficult task. This is especially true in major metropolitan areas like Toronto and Vancouver where housing and rental prices have soared. It is particularly difficult to find a furnished apartment that is convenient to downtown work, shopping and public transit. Here are a few ways that might help your search for a furnished apartment.

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Travel Log #5

HOTEL DE GLACE From the outside, embraced by a wall of snow and ice, the Hotel de Glace looks like a series of ice covered barracks that you would imagine might be found in a remote, arctic location and might be the used for a secretive military operation. It’s great wooden front doors, the constant […]

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Travel Log #4

Five Picture-Perfect Postcard Moments—Reflections on Camping in a Yurt in Algonquin Park Moment One— Getting Out of the Urban Jungle and Into the… Yurt! In an effort to expand our hiking season, a hobby that has kept us happy and healthy all summer and autumn long, we decided to try YURT camping in Ontario ’s […]

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Travel Log #3

Bruce Peninsula is home to Canada’s version of the “Great Wall”—7 KM of caves and bluffs that are a World Biosphere Reserve since they are a part of the Niagara Escarpment. This is not your average national park and that’s why it is such a popular camping and hiking destination. I don’t think Rob and […]

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Travel Log #1

Slightly sleep-deprived and hurried, due to the excitement of our impending trip, we race to the rental car place to pick up our vacation vehicle on time.  Rob and I have made the executive decision to give his reliable, yet overworked car a rest and opted for a rental for our camping trip to the […]

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